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  • Easysite
    Easysite.com is the easy way to create a website, whether you do it yourself or you choose to have us customize it for you! Built front the ground up with SEO in mind and awesome professional designs. Easysite is a CMS for people that don't know what a CMS is. Built with jQuery (javascript), Classic ASP, MSSQL, Flash (image editing/uploading), and CKEditor.

  • Cloud Parade
    Cloud Parade makes the tedious wedding planning process easy. The website features Pinterest-style planning boards, but unlike Pinterest, it allows users to purchase items with just a click. Brides no longer have to scour the web hunting down the quirky cake stand they spotted a photo of online. On Cloud Parade, it's all ready to buy.

  • DealerTraction
    DealerTraction is an one stop shop for auto dealers online marketing and presence. We've built solutions from lead sites to dealer association groups. All of our solutions kill it at Search Engine Optimization. We provide clear results and open reports on spending with online marketing.

  • Quixly
    Quixly automatically integrates with your PayPal & Google Checkout accounts and makes delivering your files to your customers a snap. Once your customer makes a purchase, Quixly will instantly deliver your files to them. It's completely customizable and completely secure. You can even manage and monitor customer downloads as they happen. This was built using a custom json api (bulit in php5), and Titan.

  • Firerift
    Firerift is a CMS (based mainly off of javascript). Firerift was built with designers in mind, meaning the designer can lay out the html page how they want it, and Firerift won't mess it up. The system was built off of CodeIgniter for the back end, and uses the jQuery Titan framework (developed by Valio) for the front end to access the data throughout the CMS and the front end of the website.

  • BuildItWith.Me
    Build It With Me is a tool that connects design & development entrepreneurs. It exists to make creating apps easier by connecting you with like-minded designers & developers with the same goal: create cool & useful apps.

  • Titan
    Titan is an Open Source Javascript Web Framework. It is built on jQuery, making it the easiest, smallest, and most liberating Javascript Web Framework to work with. Titan interfaces with JSON for you, enabling you to easily put data from JSON into your HTML elements via Javascript or CSS Class Names. Titan will even query the server for you using REST methods to retrieve the JSON you will be working with.

  • TheGownSwap.com
    The Gown Swap is an online speciality listing service. It will allow users to post a dress that they own, and sell it online. The users interested in the dress can purchase the dress using PayPal. The site is built off classic ASP, MSSQL, and AJAX.

  • FluxPhotography.net
    FluxPhotography is photography website completely driven from a database. That means all the information on the site is dynamic and editable by the site owner. The albums and pictures can be deleted, rearanged and viewed through the admin panel of the site. The store page is a new feature to the site that will show images to the customer and also recommend different images for purchase. There is a client login section to the site, where the photographer may post pictures from shoots and secure them with a passphrase for client viewing.

  • Gondola.com
    This site uses ASP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and ActionScript 2. Gondola.com is an eCommerce and Professional Broucure website. Most of the information is static except for the Reservation, Gallery, and News sections. The information from those are drawn from a Microsoft SQL dB.

  • Akluvis.com
    Akluvis is a web development company. The site is a basic portfolio website. Just states the services, portfolio and how to contact them. The site is built off classic ASP and Photoshop.

  • SearchableSermons.com
    SerchableSermons is a video sermon website for North Coast Church. The technology used here is ASP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Flash, and ActionScript 2. The site has a administration section that gives the church the ability to easily post a sermon. Some of the features on the site include a search by Bible verse or Keyword of the sermon.

Tools for the trade

Website Serverside Languages:

Open Source: Node.JS, PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Express

Microsoft: Classic ASP, ASP.NET C#/VB.NET, ADO, VBScript

Browser Supported Languages:

Javascript, jQuery (jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile), Bootstrap, Rivets.js, Ratchet, Scriptaculous, AJAX, JSON, HTML (HTML4, HTML5), CSS (CSS2, CSS3), XML, RSS, Flash ActionScript (AS2 & AS3)

Database Languages:

Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Access

Application Languages:

Visual Basic, C#.NET, VB.NET


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